Officially published!

Posted in FatRat Mobile on May 6, 2012 by djdominosvk

FatRat Mobile is finally available in Ovi store. It was published yesterday. And it have 62 downloads and one 5/5 rating already. I’m pretty excited, because it’s my first application in any store.

I didn’t get any feedback, so I don’t know what bothers users or what should be changed. Today I’m releasing new updated version. I fixed some bugs, which I noticed. But most important change is added support for three file sharing servers:, and I’m publishing it in the Ovi Store, but it may take few days. So as the last time as now I’m attaching .deb file for download.

I also updated code on my github. C++ code now seems more readable and logic.

If you tried it and you have few minutes, please give me some feedback. It’s really important to me and it’ll be helpful for my bachelor thesis.

.deb file: (updated version 1.0.2) (updated version 1.0.2) (updated version 1.0.2) (updated version 1.0.2)

Ovi Store: (updated version 1.0.2)



First blog

Posted in FatRat Mobile on March 20, 2012 by djdominosvk

As part of my bachelor’s thesis I’m working on a simple download manager for Harmattan OS. Basically it’s a port of existing open source application FatRat ( Implementation layer is written in c++ and graphical user interface, or better touch user interface is written in QML.

Main part of my GUI is listview with transfers. After simple touch is item/transfer resized to full display and can be deleted, paused or resumed with buttons on toolbar. Long press touch shows dialog with possibility to open file or move in priority. Order of transfers on main page is identic with priority, which is only important if You use “global transfers limit” in settings. Toolbar buttons “Play” and “Pause” have different behavior if we’re looking at full list of transfers and they’re pausing and resuming all transers.

Adding new transfer requires only URL address and destination directory. Addresses can be loaded from text file, pasted from clipboard or simply typed in. For private ftp servers there is authorization dialog.

Menu consists of application settings and proxy page. “Refresh GUI” affects only listview on main page and “Global speed limits” changes the maximum speeds of all transfers. Proxy is disabled by default ,but if you need it, use it.

FatRat Mobile is of course open-source. Git repository is, but as of now it really looks pretty horrible there . My code is quite messy and i need to rewrite some parts, so that it didn’t look like some monkey’s work.

This first release of FatRat Mobile is part of a competition in mobile application development called “Be Qt” on so it’s not final version, but a lot of things work already. My plans for today are to debug the program and then in the evening upload it as QA to Ovi Store, because today is a deadline of “Be Qt”. I’m sure the application still has some bugs but if you want, you can try it and leave reply.

testing debian package: the end of the day I add actual package and link to Ovi Store)


debian package:

ovi store:

I fixed some bugs and this is a final version of FatRat Mobile for competition “Be Qt”. I do not have a real N9 so I hope everything will be work as in my simulator and on phones tested via remote access.

So what can FatRat Mobile do?

working features:

-transfers via http/ftp

-speed limits for individual and all transfers

-user authorization for transfers where is required

-limit for number of active transfers

-priority moving between transfers

-opening downloaded file if format is supported

-proxy connection